Top 6 Apps to Fix Windows Taskbar Clutter

Have a cluttered taskbar but can’t afford to lose any of your open windows? Sounds like you need an app to clean up the taskbar. Applications on the taskbar and all your active programs. However, it can get very crowded if you are running many applications at the same time.

So how do you avoid taskbar clutter without closing programs? Easy: just get an app that can host them for you and get your taskbar back again. Now let’s dive into finding the Top 6 Apps to Fix Windows Taskbar Clutter.

What are Taskbar Cleaning Apps?

Taskbar cleaning apps remove windows from the taskbar without closing it completely, so you won’t lose your work or progress without saving. on hotkeys to get the job done. When you hide a window from view, the taskbar cleaners usually cache it in two ways. Some programs move the icon to the system to free up the taskbar, while others remove the icon entirely and “save” it to the application when you need it again.

Top 6 Apps to Fix Windows Taskbar Clutter :

Hide Window Hotkey

Hide Window Hotkey allows you to hide programs using hotkeys or by pressing multiple buttons. By default, you can hide any program by clicking on it and pressing the F8 hotkeys. Press Shift + F8 to restore the program. However, you can customize these hotkeys to your liking in Preferences> Hotkeys. To hide programs manually, open Hide Hotkey Window, check the box next to the Destination Application, and click Hide.

To repair a program, select the check box next to it and click the Show button. To hide or restore multiple windows at the same time, press Ctrl + A and click the Show or Hide button. To remove all windows, press Ctrl + N. And if one of your active windows does not appear in the hide window hotkey, click the Refresh button.


RBTray is another easy-to-use application that runs in the background. To get started with this tool, download and run the executable file. Depending on the specifications of your system, you may need to download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of RBTray. RBTray, launch it, and then minimize any program by pressing Windows key + Alt + Down arrow. Alternatively, you can minimize any program on the taskbar by right-clicking the Minimize button.

Finally, to restore the window, right-click on the taskbar. on the taskbar and select Recovery Window. If you want to close RBTray, do it through the task manager. To get started with this, open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Then find RBTray in background processes, right-click it and choose End Task.


MinimizeToTray is a simple tool that makes it easy to manage your taskbar icons. The application does not require installation, you just need to run its executable file. Plus, MinimizeToTray is portable, which means you can send it to an external storage device and run it on other Windows devices.

This program allows you to minimize and restore any window in the system tray with hotkeys or a few mouse clicks. Once MinimizeToTray starts, it will run in the background and you can see it in the system tray. the program is running, minimize any active window by clicking on it and pressing Alt + F1.

To restore the program, press Alt + F2. To restore all your programs at the same time, press F10. And if you want to change these hotkeys, right-click on MinimizeToTray, select “Preferences” and follow the instructions on the screen.


Min2Tray runs in the background and helps minimize windows using hotkeys. However, you will have to adjust some settings before you can start using this app. To get started, download and run Min2Tray, right-click its icon in the system tray, and select Preferences. In the next window, place the hotkey on the left pane. From there, you can minimize and restore windows using their hotkeys. To repair programs, go to the taskbar, right-click the target program, and select Show Window.

To restore all windows at once, right-click Min2Tray in the taskbar and select “Restore All Windows”. To exit Min2Tray, right-click it on the taskbar and select Exit Only. Otherwise, select “Restore All” and exit if you want to restore all windows and close Min2Tray at the same time.


TrayEverything displays all of your active programs in its interface. Moreover, it tells you if your program is hidden or not. To get started with this tool, download and install it. From there, open TrayEverything, right-click the target program and select Minimize to Tray. To restore a window, right-click it and select “Restore”. This program also allows you to use hotkeys, but you will need to configure them first by going to Settings> Hotkeys.

You can also minimize windows that are inactive after a certain amount of time. the default spacing by going to Settings> Tray 2. Alternatively, you can minimize TrayEverything to the system tray and let it run in the background. To do this, click the “Minimize” button in the program.

Actual Window Minimizer

In fact, Window Minimizer is a sophisticated tool that provides many functions. To start using this app, download and run it. From there, right-click on the actual minimizing window icon in the taskbar and select Customize. When the program opens, go to Window Settings> Default Settings and then click the Minimize tab. If you want to minimize the program after a specified time, configure the parameter in the settings of the Automatic minimization window.

You can also configure additional options in the Manual Minimize Window settings. Alternatively, you can customize the settings by clicking the Hotkeys option in the left pane. To keep things simple, Window Minimizer actually adds an extra Minimize button to all of your active programs. This allows you to minimize any program in the system pane by left-clicking the additional “Minimize” program button.


Taskbar clutter can make it difficult to switch between all active programs, however, taskbar clutter will no longer be a problem for you, just use any of our recommended applications and you can minimize any active programs in the tray system.

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